Where do you get NEAR Protocol Testnet tokens

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While NEAR testnet gives you 200 tokens when you open a new developer account, these soon run out when you’re signing a tonne of test transactions (getting things wrong and tweaking).

There are a few ways to get more tokens but here’s my lazy way.

New Dev Account -> Delete Account

I wanted to keep my original Testnet account open because I had a bunch of test NFTs hanging around, so in the end I created a new Dev Account (using the NEAR CLI) which is pre-funded with 200 NEAR, then deleted that new account and sent the funds to my main account.

This is by far the fastest way to fund an account.

near dev-deploy
<newDevAccount> created ...
near delete <newDevAccount> <YourMainTestnetAccount>

NEAR Faucets

Although I haven’t used Faucets there are two that I’ve seen recommended.


There are limits to the amount of tokens you can get and how fast they are delivered which is why I don’t bother.

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