SX Network. 1000x Cheaper than Polygon

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The world’s first Polygon layer 2 blockchain.

The same team that built the platform have now built a Purpose built blockchain for scaling DeFi, NFT and betting applications.

They’re the first public network that has combined a smart contract platform with an on-chain community treasury and a native prediction market protocol.

Understanding the network.

SX network is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine which means we can use all of the same tools that we’re used to like wallets, block explorers and tokens.

Built in collaboration with Polygon the SX network is integrated into both Polygon and Ethereum for added security.

They have an on-chain ecosystem fund that funds Dapps through the SX treasury and network decisions are made by SX token holders.

Understanding The Treasury

The SX network is natively integrated with the SX on chain treasury which means that SX token holders have control and transparency into its operations.

55% of all SX token supply is vested to fund the project over the next four years which is equal to about 250 million dollars today.

This helps to fund things like Direct investments into projects that are deployed on the SX network.

Allowing token holders to directly benefit from the activity on the blockchain while giving builders access to a new source of funding!

Unique Points

Transaction fees are currently around 1000x cheaper than Polygon without taking a hit on security, They achieve this by being the first blockin to launch using the Polygon SDK.

The SX network will be the obvious choice for Polygon dapps because it’s the first layer 2 blockchain available on Polygon.

There are already 20 businesses that have fully deployed on the SX chain and adoption is picking up quickly and we can view all of their stats and transaction volume over on their block explorer.

For Developers

As a developer, if you’re building any betting related or prediction market related dapps, SX chain seems to be the best blockchain to build on. You’ll get access to the largest existing community of blockchain betters in the world that is also aligned with Ethereum and Polygon.

If your dapp is already ON Polygon, you can use their SX network bridge to easily port over your project and users. You then get the benefits of three different projects. Ethereum, Polygon and the SX network all at the same time.

SX Chain is also an obvious choice to expand out to as it’s Polygon’s first layer two.

you get to build on one of the newest secure blockchains while taking advantage of their low transactions fees. Being both secure and cheap to build on, there’s no doubt their growth is going to explode soon.


The team behind the SX Network have already built a category leader dapp, that experience along with the current affordability of the SX network as well as the benefits of owning the tokens, this project is definitely one to watch this year.

We’ll leave a link in the description below. That’s all for this video. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the future.

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