What working at a successful startup looks like financially?

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Notable Events
July has been a little crazy and a complete train wreck for content creation, but there were some notable events.

  • Signed up for IronHack (in Spanish) 👨🏽‍💻 🇪🇸 😨
  • Got engaged 💍
  • Got vaccinated 🦠
  • Broke a bunch of teeth 🦷

Experimenting With Energy Levels
Work has left me a little burned out and my ability to code into the night has been thrown out the window, so to combat this I’m shifting meal times to spike energy levels later in the day, to get more done and stay alert for longer periods of time. I’ll report back in a month 😉

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Cool Tools

Introduce users to your product. Intro.js is a lightweight library for creating step-by-step customer onboarding.

Tweet of the week:

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Quote of the week:

Action pronto, action immediate, action as soon as possible – Jim Rohn

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