Journey to building a digital brand (Automation)

On my journey to building an online brand, I’m getting ahead of myself and planning out how I can create content once and publish everywhere.

Being omnipotent across social media and online publications can help get you Infront of much needed eyeballs online.

The more eyeballs or impressions you get, the higher the chance of gaining followers and in turn build and audience.

With a big enough audience comes online leverage.

That’s also the hard part about social media – consistency.

I know for a fact that I won’t be able to find time to curate and create on a daily/weekly basis as well as posting in various formats to places like Instagram/Twitter/medium etc.

There are services like buffer that let you schedule content but I need another level of automation, not to mention that most of the features they wrote about having are no longer supported by their app.

Platforms I need to plan for

  • WordPress (blog posts)
  • Twitter (links)in progress
  • Instagram (images)
  • Medium (blog posts)
  • Substack (blog posts, test SEO benefits)
  • Dribbble and Behance (images)

So now my journey begins on how to publish content across all of these with the click of a button.

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