€30,000 vs €5 Questions

Something that has stuck with me for months now is a quote by Ramit Sethi. It resonated so quickly that I immediately started seeing areas in my life where people around me were worrying and complaining about the smallest things!

When you’ve taken all of your best hours and attention worrying about the little things, the whole day is lost.

€5 Questions

My partner would be worrying about how to save €5 on the water bill, saving money on gasoline to and from work, using up points in a specific shop because……we have the points.

These are my examples of €5 questions and my response for the last 2 years has been “Make More Money“.

If someone chooses to waste a day over something that is in the double digits, that’s no longer any of my business.

Where are the €30,000 Questions?

I was refused a promotion at my last job because I was newer in the company and they thought I wasn’t ready – fair enough – I only asked about how much extra the promotion would have added to my salary after the interview.

€200…… After taxes, that wouldn’t make much of an impact in exchange for all of the stress that I would have signed up for.

Instead of wait for another promotion to come along, I found a new job and added more than 7k to my salary.

I’m not even close to my goals yet, but that made a significant impact to the household and my investments.

This got me thinking……why stress myself out over tiny promotions or a stagnant salary instead of increase the salary by larger multiples.

I’ve wasted 18 years of working effort being passive and polite, waiting to be noticed for my hard work, but that’s €5 thinking.

I only have about 30 years of productive work left and the energy shift each year becomes more and more apparent. I don’t have time to waste anymore.

Finding €30,000 Problems To Solve

At the moment, I’m quite happy with my job, the people and the management which is rare for me, but I’m dying to find a side hustle that can bump up the numbers.

For me, maybe that’s freelancing. As a freelancer you’re paid to solve problems. Some are small, like a logo on Fiverr, and some are bigger like consulting on software architecture for a bank.

The more profitable the problem you solve, the more you’re rewarded. So now starts the journey of looking for €30,000+ problems to solve to get some of that sweet side hustle dollar.

I’m all ears.

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