57 Hours of Code vs 57 Hours of TV

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57 Hours Of Design / Code

I got sick over xmas and spent 57ish hours building an app for my partner’s business.

She never asked for it, I mostly convinced her it would be a good idea as a lead generation tool.

So far I have built out

  • Full CRUD capabilities
  • Database using Supabase all hooked up
  • Membership payments using stripe payment links
  • Content and articles pulled from a headless WordPress installion.
  • 5 multi choice tests/quizzes for people to take and save results.

We’re pretty much ready for a BETA release of the app.
MVP v0.1

57 Hours Of TV

Below is how many hours it takes to watch some of the most popular series that I keep hearing about from friends and work colleagues.

ShowHours to Watch
Grey’s Anatomy357
West Wing154
Big Bang Theory139
How I met your Mother104
The Office (US)99
Brooklyn Nine-Nine67
Breaking Bad62

Why this bothers me

It’s always confused me to listen to friends and family complain about lack of time.

The idea they’ve been talking about for 3 years but just don’t have time to start on, that book that never got written.

These are the same people that have finished all the most popular TV shows that I’ve never seen.

  • “Calvin, You’re uber productive!”
  • “I don’t call because you always seem so busy”

Both of those are half truths.

The real truth is I just aim to produce more than I consume.

Completion / Shipping Code

I can only imagine that finishing a series gives people the same sense of closure that I feel when I’ve finished a project or shipped a web app.

I can look back at all the things I had to learn in order to get it done, all the calculations I had to make and problems I had to find solutions for.

That feeling of finishing a show with

“It’s done, what shall I watch next?”

maybe its similar to

“It’s done! With everything I now know, what can I build next?

I’ll never know

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